The Monaco Grand Prix

12 06 2011

I haven’t had time to blog in such a long time; partially due to a heavy work schedule and quite possibly because I’ve been busy exploring the sights and the nightlife! I’m a little overwhelmed with where to start as so much has been going on recently so I’ve decided to go for the biggest experience I’ve had lately . . .The Monaco F1 Grand Prix.

View of the Grand Prix track from the aft

We arrived in Monaco from Malta after a choppy crossing meaning we couldn’t work whilst travelling due to a lot of sea-sickness from the interior department. Having had guests on board just before our departure, we had plenty of work to do to prepare the boat before guests arrived two days later. We worked from 8am – 10pm detailing the interior and taking deliveries – back breaking work. After work we would head to the bars alongside other crews taking the opportunity to have their last evening of freedom and drinks before guests were to descend upon each of the many superyachts in Port Hercule.

A very full Port Hercule, Monaco

Thursday night was the big event I had been waiting for. The boat I work on held the opening party for the Grand Prix and I was so excited to see and be part of such an awesome event.

The Interior Team - Service duty for the party

Approximately 1500 party goers passed across the exterior throughout the course of the night with plenty of dancing and champagne. With a Bollywood theme, I was in awe of so many stunning colourful and ornate dresses and caught a glimpse of the spectacular Bollywood dancers performing the evening’s entertainment.

We had catering and bar staff on board for the duration to serve the majority of guests whilst our stewardess team looked after our VIP resident guests. As I spent the week on the early shift, my tired feet were sent to bed at 3am ready to get up at 7am to prepare for the next day. I couldn’t sleep, buzzing with all the excitement.

En route to the pit lane

As I got up to start work on Saturday morning I was met with the opportunity to tour the pit lane on the day of qualifying. I accepted the offer without hesitation and with 5 other crew members found myself walking across the Grand Prix track towards the garages.

The Pit Lane

A deafening convoy of F1 cars came roaring round the corner parking along the pit lane as we entered the Force India garage.

Crew in the Force India Garage

I can’t deny I was a little out of my depth with the explanation of engines and tyre changes but I felt so privileged to have this once in a life time opportunity. After the morning’s excitement, I headed back to the boat ready to serve breakfast.

The Crew with Adrian Suttil

Race day itself was exceptionally noisy as the cars momentarily whizzed past the stern of the boat and my ears were pleased to take respite in the interior from time to time but the Monaco Grand Prix is certainly an experience never to forget!

VIP Passes to the Pit Lane




2 responses

13 06 2011
Katie Silcox

Looks incredible Bethany, amazing experience!

14 06 2011

Nice one Beth xx

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