Capri from the Sea

7 07 2011

This morning I left the beautiful island of Capri off the west coast of Italy. Unfortunately I can’t offer any knowledgable advice on what to do whilst visiting the island as I spent the week looking at a rock, a pretty rock mind you, but I didn’t step foot on dry land. The last three weeks has been a case of viewing life through a porthole and my tan is drastically fading from stewie life in the interior!

Having spent a long weekend trip in Valencia for the Grand Prix, we had less than four days to travel to Italy and to prepare the boat for guest charter. Charter involves guests who hire the boat for a pre arranged duration and as a stewardess, learning their preferences instantly and catering to their every whim aids in the smooth running and ultimately the enjoyment of their holiday. Charter is renowned for being exceptionally hard work for a short period of time and although this charter only lasted a week, we are all feeling physically and mentally drained. This particular charter utilised the combined efforts of four superyachts and two hotels catering for approximately 60 guests and although our maximum sleeping capacity is 12, these guests could turn up without warning for lunch, dinner and parties thus is was paramount that we were prepared for every eventuality.

My role for the week was the night shift; from 5-10pm and from midnight – 8am. After the first few days I began to adjust and was able to get some sleep throughout the day however now I feel rather ‘jet-lagged’ and can’t get to sleep at night whilst trying to meet with my normal schedule. The yacht I work on has a particularly large exterior deck area and was used by the guests as a ‘floating dance floor’ with a DJ every night and I loved working on the bar for the duration. One of the weeks highlights was a private performance from Craig David to an audience of just 20; it’s great to have a few perks during tough weeks. For me, the ultimate plus side to the night shift is the serenity of sunrise which acts as a great pick me up when you’re beginning to flag at around 5am.

This was the first guest charter I have undertaken and despite the hard work, I am looking forward to the next although having been running up and down four flights of stairs all night every night, my aching legs certainly will appreciate a few weeks guest free!




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9 07 2011


I just found your blog through google and I think it’s great. I have been considering joining the Superyachts for sometime now but only recently have I started to research it. So many websites and recruitment companies talk about the perks, travel and money, which I’m sure are all great but they don’t tell you about the back-breaking stuff. I have been searching for some real insight. So thank you and I hope you keep blogging.


20 07 2011

Hi Jess,

Thanks for your comment and I’m glad that you have found my blog useful. Pre yachting I worked in marketing for a superyacht training school and had quite a good insight about the good the bad and the ugly but there are also so many things I’ve learnt about the real world of Superyachting so It’s great that I can pass on a little knowledge with first hand experience. If you have any specific questions please feel free to ask and I will happily blog about it as I am sure that there are others wondering too. There are of course things to watch out for but overall it’s a great industry to work in and for me, the good outweighs the bad. I am about to write my next blog about the realities of day to day life as a stewardess so as you’re looking for real insight, it should be one to read! Good luck with persuing your career.


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