The ‘Glamorous’ Life of Superyacht Crew

20 07 2011

I have recently been in contact with an influx of potential superyacht crew who are looking for a real insight into this ‘glamorous’ industry. Superyachting is a little known industry that is rapidly expanding by word of mouth as friends and friends of friends share the secrets of their adventurous lifestyle but in reality, as a stewardess, I am a glorified waitress/cleaner. I spent the weekend at the below beach club and I considered writing this blog whilst cleaning a bidet on Monday morning.

Baia Beach Club, Malta

This week and next we are dedicating time to detailing the boat. Our last guests left a week or so ago and although we cleaned the boat afterwards, detailing is a whole different ball game. To the normal eye the boat looks clean but detailing requires scrubbing the interior to within an inch of its life – every nook and cranny is to be sanitised and polished. We steam clean the whole cabin, wash the walls and ceilings, vacuum mattresses/curtains/sofas/carpets, disinfect toilets and bidets, buff marble, polish taps, use tooth picks/cotton buds to get into every corner and groove, iron sheets onto the beds, place all items in position at the exact angle, the list goes on . . . realistically, we would expect to take approximately a day per cabin – depending on its size.

One very shiny sink!

Further to this, daily we are responsible for cleaning and restocking the crew mess and bridge, vacuuming, mopping and wiping the halls and walls in the crew corridors and stair ways, checking the temperature/colour/pressure of water in all guest cabins, setting up and clearing crew breakfast/lunch/dinner etc etc. Other jobs include creating inventories of items such as uniform, shopping for crew provisions and taking deliveries (the soft drinks/water delivery is always a killer). This week, to break up the cleaning, we are undertaking a little training each day in service, cocktail making, table settings, housekeeping and so on.

The interior team enjoying a dock party

If I’ve not put you off so far, keep reading as it’s not all bad . . . I spent today out on the water driving the tender as the deck department needed ‘students’ for their power boat instructor course. Last weekend we had a whole crew dock party on Friday night and on Saturday I lapped up the sun rays at a beach club in Malta, played on jetskis, sipped on a little rose and reached Monday morning feeling like I’d just returned from holiday! Basically, for superyacht crew it’s not a job they’re buying into, it’s a lifestyle and if you can take the tough or mundane work, you will reap plenty of rewards. Over the next 6 weeks I will be cleaning and serving in 6 different countries and that’s a deal I’m happy with!

Jetskiing : )

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27 12 2012
Why does it really ask for all the personal details? :-/

Your blog is incredible, love reading it! Seen you’ve not been posting for a while tho, have you left the yachts?

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