Giving One Month’s Notice

9 06 2012

This post comes to you with an extreme mix of emotions; both sad and excited and many more in between. Although I don’t necessarily blog often, I think it is clear to see that I love(d) my job and the opportunities it brings yet over the last few months I have taken the decision to leave the boat, the potential experiences, the sun and the crew who will all be dearly missed. NB This blog has a happy ending.

Tracking back, I went on annual leave in March – another perk of yachting can be lovely long holidays. 30 days is fairly standard but there are all sorts of other packages out there all dependent on your boat, position and contract. When accepting the position on this boat I knew I was trading a slight pay decrease from previous positions in favour of 60 days annual holiday – definitely a good move! Thus having only taken the 2 weeks in Australia so far, I left Abu Dhabi with 6 weeks of holiday ahead. Having been away from friends and family for so long, spending time with them was the main aim for these 6 weeks. Thankfully for my happy little travelling feet, my sister lives in Mumbai so almost 3 weeks was spent in India with her.

20120609-115100 AM.jpg

20120609-115137 AM.jpg

I rejoined the boat in Malta a full 2 months after signing off as a delayed crossing to Europe meant I took an additional 2 weeks unpaid leave whilst the boys travelled through the dangerous Gulf of Aden before arriving in Malta early May. As the Gulf of Aden poses threat of pirate attack the girls on board our boat can opt out of this trip.

Overjoyed by reuniting with my friends and having a great time in Malta as always I felt rather gutted to be giving one months notice as they were all hyped up for the new season. With boss trips and charters confirmed, after a quiet winter, everyone was ready and raring to go and I felt rather sad not to be a part of it.

Having had no stewardesses on board for the two week crossing and having to prepare for a jam packed boat for the Monaco Grand Prix 2012 we had a lot of work to do with late finishes every day. Towards the end of a two day trip from Malta to Monaco, we arrived to the news that the boss was arriving two days earlier than expected. Without provisions and an extreme amount of deliveries for the party to take on arrival we were a little panicked but of course pulled together. Working 16-20 hours per day every day I didn’t get to see any of Monaco itself this year but the vibe with all the boats and roars of the cars created a familiar sense of excitement. This years highlight was serving Antonio Banderas a green tea!

20120609-121032 PM.jpg

20120609-121052 PM.jpg

20120609-121101 PM.jpg

The boat had to leave Monaco on the same day as the boss to get to Montenegro for charter and the time had come for me to leave as well. There were plenty of tears as I stepped foot onto the dock with my excessive 63 kilos of luggage and off I went for my one way flight from Nice to London.

20120609-121443 PM.jpg

About time for the happy ending I hear you say . . .

Although it was hard to leave good friends, I have the honour and privilege of working for LOCOG at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Excited is a massive understatement! I started work this week and every day I have felt goosebumps with pride and inspiration. This week we passed the 50 days to go mark. Bring it on . . .

20120609-121900 PM.jpg




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