I am a Superyacht Stewardess cruising the seven seas looking for a world of adventure. 

The life of a stewardess is a tough one – very much a ‘work hard, play hard’ balance which is an attitude that I fully embrace; more often than not burning the candle at both ends!  With this in mind, as I move from port to port and step onto dry land, I aim to summarise the places I visit providing a best bits guide – ‘Fun sized’ snippets of the world and stewardessing according to me!

In the past year I have . . .  backpacked around South-East Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore) . . . toured the east coast of Australia (Sydney – Cairns) . . . explored Morocco with my sister . . . worked for Royalty on a Superyacht in the French Riviera . . . escaped a shipyard in Italy . . . and spent a few months on the Isle of Wight completing massage qualifications.

Having gained valuable experience, qualifications and a true insight into the Superyacht industry, I am heading off on my next adventure, joining a new crew in Malta this week. I am lucky enough to have the amazing opportunity to visit a great variety of countries covering old ground and landing on fresh territory which I intend to explore to the max and of course, report back.

Please feel free to comment, ask questions and follow me on Twitter @BethanySilcox.


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13 04 2011

Hi – i have just read your blog very interesting! This is something i want to get into but i see on the internet a lot of fake sites around the super yachting industry. Do you know of any legitimate sites/companies that can help me get into this? Thanks and good luck with your career, have a ball! x

17 04 2011

Hi Zoe. Thanks for your message, apologies for the late reply – it’s been a busy week at work. I’m glad you found the blog interesting and I have had a few people ask a similar question so have writen a new blog article providing useful websites that you may find helpful. Good luck with it all and feel free to ask if you have any further questions. Bethany x

9 06 2012

Amazing …

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