Hello world!

3 04 2011

Welcome to my Funsized Adventures . . .

I am a Superyacht Stewardess cruising the seven seas in search of a world of adventure. 

Superyachts are luxurious, privately owned yachts that require professionally qualified crew – such as moi! Floating around the world, I get to see a glimpse of excessive lavishness and luxury and witness the world through a port-hole. With this in mind, as I move from port to port and step onto dry land, I aim to summarise the places I visit providing a best bits guide – ‘Fun sized’ snippets of the world and stewardessing according to me!

The life of a stewardess is a tough one – very much a ‘work hard, play hard’ balance which is an attitude that I fully embrace; more often than not burning the candle at both ends!  My role is divided between time with guests and time without. Whilst we have guests on board, working hours cannot be fixed and we are responsible to ensure the utmost service at any hour of the day, or night. I can expect to work 18 hour days for 3 weeks straight and have been known to work a good few 25 hour days. Somehow I don’t get tired of this – adrenaline perhaps?! In return, when we don’t have guests we get to wake up in new places and experience the world.

Work Hard – My previous crew

Play Hard – Infamous dock parties

In the past year I have . . .  backpacked around South-East Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore) . . . toured the east coast of Australia (Sydney – Cairns) . . . explored Morocco with my sister . . . worked for Royalty on a Superyacht in the French Riviera . . . escaped a shipyard in Italy . . . and spent a few months on the Isle of Wight completing massage qualifications in prep for next season.

Having gained valuable experience, qualifications and a true insight into the Superyacht industry, I am heading off on my next adventure, joining a new crew this week. I am lucky enough to have the amazing opportunity to visit a great variety of countries covering old ground and landing on fresh territory which I intend to explore to the max and of course, report back.

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